Roman numerals indicate generations.  Links are to the pages in the 1936 Book. 
Arabic numbers after names are arbitrarily assigned and roughly reflect the order in which those names reached me.
Name Father/Husband Tree Info
I Vishwanth I-1 40
II Kesmani II-1 Vishwanath I-1 40
III Balaji III-1 Kesmani II-1 40
IV Gano IV-1 Balaji III-1 40 79
IV Ragho IV-2 Balaji III-1 40 79
IV Viso IV-3 Balaji III-1 40
V Naro V-1 Gano IV-1 40
V Balaji V-2 Gano IV-1 40
V Chimnaji V-3 Ragho IV-2 40
V Govind V-4 Ragho IV-2 40
V Mahadji V-5 Viso IV-3 40 79
V Krishnaji V-6 Viso IV-3 40
V Keso V-7 Viso IV-3 42 80
V Vinayak V-8 Viso IV-3 42
V Bhaskar V-9 Viso IV-3 40
VI Hari VI-1 Naro V-1 40
VI Janardan VI-2 Naro V-1 40
VI Laxman VI-3 Chimnaji V-3 40 79
VI Ragho VI-4 Govind V-4 40
VI Chintaman VI-5 Mahadji V-5 40
VI Antaji VI-6 Krishnaji V-6 40
VI Ragho VI-7 Krishnaji V-6 40
VI Balaji VI-8 Krishnaji V-6 40
VI Ganesh VI-9 Keso V-7 42
VI Tryambak VI-10 Vinayak V-8 42
VI Jagannath VI-11 Bhaskar V-9 42
VI Moro VI-12 Bhaskar V-9 42
VII Ganesh VII-1 Hari VI-1 40
VII Mahadaji VII-2 Hari VI-1 40
VII Naro VII-3 Janardan VI-2 40
VII Daji VII-4 Janardan VI-2 40
VII Ragho VII-5 Janardan VI-2 40
VII Visaji VII-6 Janardan VI-2 40
VII Krishna VII-7 Janardan VI-2 40
VII Ragho VII-8 Laxman VI-3 40
VII Krishna VII-9 Laxman VI-3 40
VII Mahadeo VII-10 Chintaman VI-5 40
VII Ramchandra VII-11 Antaji VI-6 40
VII Govind VII-12 Ganesh VI-9 42 80
VII Radha VII Govind VII-12   
VII Anant VII-13 (Tatya) Ganesh VI-9 42
VII Vinayak VII-14 Ganesh VI-9 42
VII Vaman VII-15 Ganesh VI-9 42
VII Ravji VII-16 Jagannath VI-11 42
VII Mahadeo VII-17 Jagannath VI-11 42
VII Moro VII-18 Jagannath VI-11 42
VIII Anant VIII-1 Naro VII-3 41
VIII Dhondo VIII-2 Naro VII-3 41
VIII Vishnu VIII-3 Naro VII-3 41
VIII Vinayak VIII-4 Naro VII-3 41
VIII Ramchandra VIII-5 Visaji VII-6 41
VIII Laxman VIII-6 Visaji VII-6 41
VIII Parshuram VIII-7 Ragho VII-8 41 79
VIII Vishwanath VIII-8 Mahadeo VII-10
VIII Gangadhar VIII-9 Mahadeo VII-10
VIII Narayan VIII-10 Mahadeo VII-10 41 79
VIII Krishnaji VIII-11 Ramchandra VII-11 41 79
VIII Ragho VIII-12 Govind VII-12 42 80
VIII Seeta VIII Ragho VIII-12 80
VIII Pandurang VIII-13 Anant VII-13 (Tatya) 42
VIII Mahadeo VIII-14 Vaman VII-15 42
VIII Dhondo VIII-15 Mahadeo VII-17 42
VIII Ganesh VIII-16 Mahadeo VII-17 42
VIII Nageshwar VIII-17 Moro VII-18 42
IX Hari IX-1 Laxman VIII-6 41
IX Mahadeo IX-2 Parshuram VIII-7 41 79
IX Ganesh IX-3 Parshuram VIII-7 41
IX Purushottam IX-4 (Adpt X-6) Gangadhar VIII-9  
IX Vinayak IX-5 Narayan VIII-10 41 79
IX Sitaram IX-6 Narayan VIII-10 41 79
IX Kashinath IX-7 Krishnaji VIII-11 41 79
IX Antaji IX-8 Krishnaji VIII-11 41 79
IX Vasudeo IX-9 Krishnaji VIII-11 41 79
IX Ganesh IX-10 Ragho VIII-12 43 80
IX Keshav IX-11 Ragho VIII-12 43 80
IX Datto IX-12 Ragho VIII-12 43 82
IX Visaji IX-13 Ragho VIII-12 43 82
IX Shankar IX-14 Ragho VIII-12 43 82
IX Ganga IX Shankar IX-14   
IX Moro IX-15 (Anna) Pandurang VIII-13 43 83
IX Laxmi (1) IX (Naravane) Moro IX-15 (Anna)
IX Indira (2) IX (Gokhale) Moro IX-15 (Anna)
IX Appa ? IX-16 Mahadeo VIII-14 43
X Sakharam X-1 Mahadeo IX-2 41 79
X Indira X Sakharam X-1 79
X Laxman X-2 Mahadeo IX-2 41 79
X Radha X Laxman X-2   
X Sushila X (Karmarkar) Mahadeo IX-2   
X Dattatreya X-3 Mahadeo IX-2 41 79
X Mandakini X Dattatreya X-3   
X Vishwanth X-4 Mahadeo IX-2 41 79
X Ruprani X Vishwanth X-4   
X Prabhakar X-5 Mahadeo IX-2 41 79
X Purushottam X-6 (Adpt IX-4) Vinayak IX-5
X Narayan X-7 Vinayak IX-5
X Vishnu X-8 Vinayak IX-5
X Chintamani X-9 Vinayak IX-5
X Madhav X-10 Sitaram IX-6
X Hari X-11 Kashinath IX-7 41 80
X Vinayak X-12 Ganesh IX-10 43 80
X Dwarka X (Limaye) Ganesh IX-10 80
X Yamuna X (Bhagwat) Ganesh IX-10 80
X Krishnaji X-13 Keshav IX-11 43 80
X Rakhma X Krishnaji X-13    
X Vishnu X-14 Keshav IX-11 43 80
X Laxmi X Vishnu X-14 80
X Vaman X-15 Keshav IX-11 43    
X Rama X Vaman X-15    
X Pandurang X-16 Keshav IX-11 43 82
X Chima X Pandurang X-16 82
X Rangu X (Joshi) Keshav IX-11 80
X Gangu X (Patwardhan) Keshav IX-11 80
X Durga X (Rajwade) Keshav IX-11 80
X Godavari X (Oak) Datto IX-12 82
X Krishna X (Limaye) Datto IX-12 82
X Kashi X (Soman) Datto IX-12 82
X Shivram X-17 Datto IX-12 43 82
X Manu X (Soman) Visaji IX-13 82
X Vasudeo X-18 Visaji IX-13 43 82
X Anant X-19 Shankar IX-14 43 82
X Kamala X  Anant X-19   
X Anasuya X (Pendse) Shankar IX-14 82
X Gangadhar X-20 Shankar IX-14 43 83
X Mathura X (Vaze) Shankar IX-14 82
X Aau X (Patwardhan) Shankar IX-14 82
X Vitthal X-21 Shankar IX-14 43 83
X Vaijayanti X Vitthal X-21   
X Madhav X-22 Shankar IX-14 43 83
X Mangala X Madhav X-22   
X Balkrishna X-23 Moro IX-15 (Anna) 43 83
X Manorama X (Bhima Chiplunkar) Balkrishna X-23
X Vaman X-24 Moro IX-15 (Anna) 43 83
X Narayan X-25 Moro IX-15 (Anna) 43 83
X Dattatreya X-26 Moro IX-15 (Anna) 43 83
X Ramchandra X-27 Moro IX-15 (Anna)   
X Kamala X (Joshi) Moro IX-15 (Anna) 83
XI Ashok XI-1 Sakharam X-1   
XI Rajani XI Ashok XI-1
XI Gajanan XI-2 Laxman X-2   
XI Vasant XI-3 Dattatreya X-3   
XI Varsha XI Vasant XI-3
XI Avinash XI-4 Dattatreya X-3   
XI Anita XI Avinash XI-4   
XI Shashikant XI-5 Dattatreya X-3   
XI Nilima XI Shashikant XI-5
XI Latika XI (Savarkar) Dattatreya X-3   
XI Ulhas XI-6 Vishwanth X-4      
XI Varsha XI Ulhas XI-6   
XI Sitaram XI-7 Narayan X-7
XI Girish XI-8 Narayan X-7
XI Dilip XI-9 Vishnu X-8
XI Veena XI (Panse) Madhav X-10
XI Devendra XI-10 Madhav X-10
XI Narayan XI-11 Hari X-11 41 80
XI Lata XI Narayan XI-11
XI Sudha XI (Apte) Hari X-11   
XI Subhadra XI (Kale) Hari X-11
XI Malati XI (Palnitkar) Hari X-11   
XI Vinayak XI-12 Hari X-11
XI Sunita XI (Thatte) Vinayak XI-12   
XI Madhusudan XI-13 Hari X-11
XI Pratibha XI Madhusudan XI-13
XI Shalini XI (Kale) Hari X-11
XI Prabhakar XI-14 Hari X-11
XI Malati XI  Prabhakar XI-14
XI Chintamani XI-15 Vinayak X-12 43 80
XI Banu XI (Joshi) Vinayak X-12 43 80
XI Varanasi XI (Kelkar) Vinayak X-12 80
XI Damodar XI-16 Vinayak X-12 43 80
XI Venu XI Vinayak X-12 80
XI Sumati XI Vinayak X-12 80
XI Vatsala XI Vinayak X-12 80
XI Geeta XI (Pethe) Krishnaji X-13 81
XI Shanta XI (Ganpule) Krishnaji X-13 81
XI Achyut XI-17 Krishnaji X-13 43 81
XI Sunanda XI Achyut XI-17    
XI Raghunath XI-18 Vishnu X-14 43 81
XI Durga XI Raghunath XI-18    
XI Yamuna XI (Patwardhan) Vishnu X-14 80
XI Vasundhara XI (Dongre) Vishnu X-14 80
XI Gopal XI-19 Vishnu X-14 43 81
XI Narayan XI-20 Vishnu X-14 43 81
XI Pramila XI Narayan XI-20    
XI Madhusudan XI-21 Vishnu X-14 43 81
XI Pushpa XI Madhusudan XI-21    
XI Bhalchandra XI-22 Vishnu X-14   
XI Sushila XI Bhalchandra XI-22
XI Shashikant XI-23 Vishnu X-14    
XI Sumitra XI (Nalini) Shashikant XI-23
XI Sadashiv XI-24 Vaman X-15 43 81
XI Purushottam XI-25 (Balwant) Vaman X-15 43 81
XI Kusum XI Purushottam XI-25 (Balwant)    
XI Prabhakar XI-26 Vaman X-15 43 82
XI Mangala XI Prabhakar XI-26
XI Indumati XI (Sathe) Vaman X-15
XI Sharada XI (Limaye) Vaman X-15
XI Sindhu XI (Kulkarni) Vaman X-15
XI Mandakini XI (Ranade) Vaman X-15
XI Kumudini XI (Bhagwat) Vaman X-15
XI Usha XI (Mate) Vaman X-15    
XI Sadanand XI-27 Pandurang X-16 43
XI Avinash XI-28 Pandurang X-16
XI Murlidhar XI-29 (Bhau) Shivram X-17 43
XI Mahadeo XI-30 (Balu) Shivram X-17 43
XI Gajanan XI-31 Vasudeo X-18 43 82
XI Bahina XI Vasudeo X-18 82
XI Leela XI Vasudeo X-18 82
XI Gangu XI Vasudeo X-18 82
XI Bhalchandra XI-32 Anant X-19 43
XI Chandrashekhar XI-33 Anant X-19 43
XI Chandraprabha XI Chandrashekhar XI-33
XI Madhusudan XI-34 Anant X-19
XI Achyut XI-35 Anant X-19
XI Prabhakar XI-36 Anant X-19
XI Durga XI Anant X-19   
XI Sindhu XI Anant X-19   
XI Sonu XI Anant X-19   
XI Sudha XI Anant X-19   
XI Sunanda XI Anant X-19   
XI ? XI (Joshi) Vitthal X-21   
XI ? XI (Sabnis) Vitthal X-21   
XI ? XI (Pande) Vitthal X-21   
XI ? XI (Kurundwadkar) Vitthal X-21   
XI Ganesh XI-37 Balkrishna X-23
XI Shubhada XI (Kunda Ganu) Ganesh XI-37
XI Prabhakar XI-38 Balkrishna X-23
XI Mangala XI Prabhakar XI-38    
XI Narhari XI-39 (Suresh) Balkrishna X-23
XI Madhuri XI (Shyamala) Narhari XI-39 (Suresh)
XI Mukund XI-40 Balkrishna X-23
XI Madhavi XI Mukund XI-40
XI Sulabha XI Balkrishna X-23
XI Mahesh XI-41 Ramchandra X-27
XI Nisha XI Mahesh XI-41
XI Meena XI (Limaye) Ramchandra X-27   
XII Vijay XII-1 Ashok XI-1
XII Swati XII Vijay XII-1
XII Manjusha XII (Bagul) Vasant XI-3   
XII Pallavi XII (Patwardhan) Vasant XI-3   
XII Amol XII-2 Avinash XI-4   
XII Amrita XII Avinash XI-4
XII Tejaswini XII Shashikant XI-5   
XII Ketaki XII  Ulhas XI-6   
XII Manik XII (Lele) Ulhas XI-6   
XII Shrikant XII-3 Narayan XI-11   
XII Shobha XII Shrikant XII-3
XII Rajani XII Narayan XI-11
XII Shailendra XII-4 Vinayak XI-12
XII Meha XII Shailendra XII-4
XII Shashank XII-5 Vinayak XI-12
XII Radha XII (Natu) Shashank XII-5
XII Arati XII (Kelkar) Vinayak XI-12   
XII Deepti XII (Revati Kasture) Madhusudan XI-13
XII Ruchira XII (Joshi) Madhusudan XI-13    
XII Ashish XII-6 Prabhakar XI-14
XII Shriram XII-7 Chintamani XI-15 43 80
XII Rohini XII (Abhyankar) Achyut XI-17    
XII Sharayu XII Raghunath XI-18    
XII Mukund XII-8 Raghunath XI-18
XII Sumitra XII Mukund XII-8    
XII Chandrashekhar XII-9 Raghunath XI-18
XII Jyotsna XII Chandrashekhar XII-9    
XII Anand XII-10 Raghunath XI-18
XII Anagha XII Anand XII-10    
XII Vidya XII (Godse) Raghunath XI-18    
XII Padmaja XII (Joglekar) Raghunath XI-18    
XII Arvind XII-11 Narayan XI-20
XII Jayashri XII Arvind XII-11
XII Anil XII-12 Narayan XI-20
XII Varsha XII Anil XII-12    
XII Anjali XII (Maduskar) Narayan XI-20    
XII Sanatkumar XII-13 Madhusudan XI-21
XII Aparna XII (Joshi) Madhusudan XI-21    
XII Aditi XII Madhusudan XI-21    
XII Pradip XII-14 Bhalchandra XI-22
XII Manisha XII Pradip XII-14
XII Manjiri XII Bhalchandra XI-22   
XII Bharati XII (Dengwekar) Bhalchandra XI-22   
XII Shirish XII-15 Shashikant XI-23
XII Aparna XII Shirish XII-15    
XII Sharayu XII Shashikant XI-23    
XII Nirmala XII Purushottam XI-25 (Balwant)    
XII Asha XII Purushottam XI-25 (Balwant)    
XII Ujjwala XII Purushottam XI-25 (Balwant)    
XII Nandu XII-16 Prabhakar XI-26
XII Kiran XII-17 Sadanand XI-27
XII Pankaj XII-18 Sadanand XI-27
XII Manjiri XII Pankaj XII-18
XII Nitin XII-19 Avinash XI-28    
XII Tejaswini XII Nitin XII-19
XII Sangram XII-20 Avinash XI-28
XII Kirti XII Sangram XII-20
XII Suchitra XII (Raje) Avinash XI-28
XII Pravin XII-21 Chandrashekhar XI-33    
XII Smita XII Pravin XII-21
XII Sachin XII-22 Madhusudan XI-34
XII Meghana XII Sachin XII-22
XII Advait XII-23 Achyut XI-35
XII Tanu XII Advait XII-23
XII Bhalchandra XII-24 (Prasad) Ganesh XI-37
XII Manisha XII Bhalchandra XII-24 (Prasad)
XII Anjali XII (Kulkarni) (Varsha) Ganesh XI-37
XII Sangita XII Prabhakar XI-38   
XII Sumit XII-25 Narhari XI-39 (Suresh)
XII Gayatri XII Sumit XII-25
XII Sucheta XII Narhari XI-39 (Suresh)
XII Mugdha XII Mukund XI-40
XII Poorva XII Mukund XI-40
XII Pratik XII-26 Mahesh XI-41
XIII Mandar XIII-1 Vijay XII-1
XIII Abhijit XIII-2 Shrikant XII-3
XIII Rishikesh XIII-3 Shrikant XII-3
XIII Artha XIII-4 Shailendra XII-4
XIII Ameya XIII-5 Shashank XII-5
XIII Anvita XIII Shashank XII-5
XIII Suvarna XIII (Joshi) Mukund XII-8
XIII Madhura XIII Mukund XII-8   
XIII Shrinivas XIII-6 Mukund XII-8
XIII Prachi XIII Chandrashekhar XII-9
XIII Prasanna XIII-7 Chandrashekhar XII-9
XIII Poorva XIII Anand XII-10   
XIII Teja XIII Anand XII-10
XIII Kshama XIII Anand XII-10
XIII Shivray XIII-8 Arvind XII-11
XIII Sangram XIII-9 Arvind XII-11
XIII Nikhil XIII-10 Anil XII-12
XIII Vrishali XIII Anil XII-12
XIII Pranav XIII-11 Sanatkumar XII-13   
XIII Avaneesh XIII-12 Sanatkumar XII-13
XIII Bhargavi XIII Pradip XII-14
XIII Shivjit XIII-13 Shirish XII-15
XIII Siddharta XIII-14 Kiran XII-17
XIII Kunal XIII-15 Kiran XII-17
XIII Ranjit XIII-16 Pankaj XII-18
XIII Rituja XIII Nitin XII-19    
XIII Ishan XIII-17 Sangram XII-20    
XIII Kanishka XIII-18 Sangram XII-20
XIII Sandip XIII-19 Pravin XII-21
XIII Mrinali XIII Bhalchandra XII-24 (Prasad)    
XIII Piyush XIII-20 Bhalchandra XII-24 (Prasad)