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This page contains links to digitalized versions of articles that have appeared in print or on the internet persons belonging to the extended Kolhatkar family and also articles contributed here.  More contributions of a similar nature are welcome…

1. The obituary of Rao Bahadur Vamanrao Kolhatkar (Wai branch).

This is the obituary written by Achyut Balwant Kolhatkar upon the death of his natural father Rao Bahadur Vamanrao Kolhatkar.  This was published in 1918 in then widely read literary journal ‘Masik Manoranjan’ edited by Kaa. Ra. Mitra.  Vamanrao of the Wai branch served in various positions in the judiciary in the then Cental Provinces.  He was a passionate social reformer and, true to his creed and against the opposition of his immediate family and the prevalent orthodoxy, married a widow in 1895 upon the death of his first wife.

2. Bhaskar Ram and Konher Ram (Pandavwadi branch).

A Marathi paper ‘Kolhatkar Family’ presented before the Madhya Prant Samshodhan Mandal on February 01, 1948 about descendents of Bhaskar Ram and Konher Ram at Nagpur.  This was contributed by Dilip Kolhatkar of Pune.

3. The Pandavwadi Story.

An account of a trip to the village of Pandavwadi near Wai.

4. Arun Kolatkar (Tasgaon branch).

That is how he spelt it.  He was a Kolhatkar and a well known poet who wrote in English and Marathi.  Among several awards he received was the Commonwealth Poetry Award in 1977.  See the entry on him in Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arun_Kolatkar and an obituary in 2004 at

A long piece written on him by Dilip Chitre is reproduced here with Dilip’s consent.

5. Achyut Balwant Kolhatkar (Wai branch).

This is a brief English translation of a biography of Achyutaro written in Marathi by Vi. Ha. Kulkarni.  The translation was made available to me by Kaustubh Kolhatkar of Denver.

A short sketch of his life is available in Balkrishna Shridhar’s book at pp. 163, 164-165, 166-167 and a list of his literary works at pp. 176-177.

6. Mahadeoshastri Kolhatkar (Wai branch).

Mahadeoshastri, a student of the Poona College run in the Vishrambag Wada of Pune, belonged to generation of Balashastri Jambhekar and acquired knowledge of English from persons like Maj. Candy and Capt. Molsworth.  In his not very long life – he died in 1861 – he wrote or translated books on Elementary Physics, Columbus etc.  He was also the first translator of Shakespeare (Othello) in Marathi and G. B. Deval’s ‘Zunzarrao’ is based on his translation.  His brief biography may be seen at pp. 115 and 116  in the Kula Vritta by the Late Balkrishna Shridhar. The names of his books are mentioned on p. 176.  These books are also mentioned in the ‘Catalogue of native publications in the Bombay presidency up to 31st December 1864’

I found at www.archive.org  yet one more book of Mahadeoshastri.  It is a translation of a book of poems in English prescribed for school children and its Marathi title is ‘Prakrit kaviteche pahile pustak ’.  It was printed in 1860 by using the lithopress technique – called ‘shila-press’ in Marathi – which was in common use in the early days of printing in Maharashtra.  This book can be seen here.

7. Shripad Krishna Kolhatkar (Tatyasaheb) (Wai branch).

As a dramatist and writer, Shripad Krishna dominated the Marathi literary scene of his days.  Eminent personalities like Ram Ganesh Gadkari, V.S. Khandekar and G.T. Madkholkar acknowledged him as their mentor. 

Balkrishna Shridhar’s Kula Vritta gives a short sketch of his life at pp. 167, 168-169 and 170-171 and a list of his literary works at pp. 177 and 178.  You can also see it here .

Shripad Krishna also had an abiding interest in Jyotish Shastra and wrote a book called ‘Bharatiya Jotirganita’ on the traditional Indian science of calculation of positions of celestial bodies.  This book can be read at http://www.archive.org/details/bharthiyajothirg025336mbp

8.  Shripad Yashwant Kolhatkar (Sangli branch).

S.Y.Kolhatkar, as he was more popularly known, was a life-long worker of the Communist Party of India.  He was inspired by the Marxist thought while he was a student in the Fergusson College, Poona and left the College in 1933 to join the Communist Party of India, which was then in its infancy.  He remained a committed Communist all his life.  Among the positions that he held in that party were those of the President of the All-India Newspaper Employees Federation and  Secretary of the Maharashtra State Committee of the Marxist Communist Party.  Here you can read an article that appeared in Khaleej Times, Dubai in 1994 that gives a short account of his life and work.

9.  Articles on these persons will be appear when ready:

i) Ganesh Narayan Kolhatkar (Wai branch), ii) Chintamanrao (C.G.) Kolhatkar (Wai branch), iii) Digambar Krishna Kolhatkar (Wai branch), iv) Chittaranjan Kolhatkar (Wai branch), v) Bal (Balkrishna Hari) Kolhatkar (Wai branch), vi) Kusumakar Achyut Kolhatkar (Wai branch) vi) Dilip Kolhatkar (Wai branch, vii) Yashwant Vyankaji Kolhatkar (Sangli branch), vii) Prof. Vasudeo Yashwant Kolhatkar (Sangli branch), viii) Balkrishna Shridhar Kolhatkar (Nevre Narmani branch), ix) Vasudeo Shivram Kolhatkar (Raastiya Keertankar) (Murud branch), x) Janardan Damodar Kolhatkar (Timarni branch), xi) Prof. Gopal Balkrishna Kolhatkar (Pune branch). xii) Prof. Govind Gopal Kolhatkar (Pune branch),  xiii) Krishnaji Keshav Kolhatkar (Nevre Kesmani branch), xiv) Tryambak Ramchandra (Raj Vaidya) Kolhatkar (Pandavwadi branch), xv) Madhusudan Ramchandra Kolhatkar (Nevre Narmani branch), xvi) Vasudeo Purushottam Kolhatkar (Pen branch), xvii) Bhaurao Kolhatkar (Vadodara branch).

If you can think of any other names that should be added here, please let me know.